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Basement suffers water damage while homeowners are away

This basement suffered water damage over a weekend while the homeowners were away. When they came back, they found the carpet saturated because the sump pump fa... READ MORE

High winds send tree through ceiling of young girl's bedroom

During storms with high winds and spin up tornadoes, it doesn't take much for the wind to toss around debris. We often get calls for tree limbs, but not the ent... READ MORE

Moisture from rain water trapped beneath carpeting

Most times, people do not believe water seeping into their carpet is a big deal. Although moisture trapped on the surface may evaporate, there is likely water t... READ MORE

Carpet saved after office lobby suffers water damage

Here is a look at the damage a water heater caused when it began leaking water throughout an office space. In dealing with water damage, response time is critic... READ MORE

Toilet overflows in office over weekend

Employees came back to work in this office on a Monday, surprised to find a majority of the office floor covered in water from a toilet that overflowed over the... READ MORE

Cleaning mold behind baseboards

What not to do after a water damage. Many homeowners will try to clean up a water loss by themselves but don't have the right equipment to determine all that wa... READ MORE

Mold Grows While Family is on Vacation

Mold growth can present serious health hazards to people living in homes and apartments. In this instance, the homeowners returned from a two week vacation to f... READ MORE

Multistep Fire Damage Cleaning Process

This is a before and after look at what ended up being a multistep cleaning process in this home. When fires occur, there's typically secondary damage in other ... READ MORE

Entire house affected by fire

In these photos, the entire house was affected with fire and smoke damage. SERVPRO was hired to clean and restore the entire house. Notice in the before photo, ... READ MORE

Water Damaged Carpet

These photos show a loss that was caused by a major leak in a toilet supply line causing water to back up into much of the house. The water sat for a couple of ... READ MORE