Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Basement suffers water damage while homeowners are away

This basement suffered water damage over a weekend while the homeowners were away. When they came back, they found the carpet saturated because the sump pump fa... READ MORE

Water Damaged Carpet

These photos show a loss that was caused by a major leak in a toilet supply line causing water to back up into much of the house. The water sat for a couple of ... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup from Busted Pipe and Partially Collapsed Ceiling

In the photos above, our crew was drying and cleaning inside of a home that suffered water damage from a busted pipe that froze during the winter. The photo on ... READ MORE

Water Damage- Backup from Septic Tank

This is a before and after look at our response to water damage from a backup in the septic tank. The toilet in the bathroom ran overnight, flooding the bathroo... READ MORE

Water Damage- Leaks in Ceiling

In this photo, you can see where we removed a portion of the ceiling in this room because of a leak in the room above. There was a small water stain in the left... READ MORE

Water Damage - Office Building

Water Damage at a Georgia office building was the result of a burst water pipe overhead. The water soaked the insulation above the ceiling, eventually causing i... READ MORE